Why bean-to-bar?

Why bean-to-bar?
Why bean-to-bar?
Bean-to-bar is the briefest way to define the chocolate manufacturing process:  start with cacao beans and make bars.
Bean-to-bar chocolate makers are small companies focused on keeping the specific original cacao beans flavor during chocolate manufacturing process.  Their chocolate features a fine long-lasting aftertaste. The company is responsible for whole chocolate-making process – from cacao beans and equipment selection to own wrapping design.
Amazing Cacao choice Direct Trade model and buy cacao beans directly from farmers and cooperatives located in equatorial latitudes where cacao grows. We select the rare varieties of high-quality cacao beans which give an unrivaled taste to our chocolate.  
At the factory cacao beans are roasted, winnowed and grinded in stone melangeurs. The artisan chocolate usually contains only cocoa mass and sugar, sometimes cocoa butter. No preserving agents, artificial flavors or taste improvers are added.  
Finally, we would like to paraphrase Sandra Boyton’s, American humorist and songwriter, quote "The greatest tragedies were written by the Greek Sophocles and English Shakespeare. Neither knew bean-to-bar chocolate”.

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