About us

Amazing Cacao Company was established in St Petersburg, the Northern capital of Russia, in 2016. We are specialized in importing organic green coffee beans, organic fine flavor beans, cocoa butter and cane sugar, and manufacturing a real chocolate from organic fine flavor cacao beans, using bean-to-bar technology.

Our goal is to keep the natural taste and aroma of cacao beans and coffee, characteristic only for the place where they grow.

Our experts constantly visit equatorial countries where cacao and coffee grow in order to work directly with local farmers and cooperatives. We go straight to source and choose rare cacao and coffee varieties which have the fine unrivaled taste.

We control the entire chocolate manufacturing process – from cacao beans to exquisite chocolate bars. Cacao beans are roasted, winnowed and grinded in stone melangeurs during 48-72 hours.

The chocolate doesn’t contain any artificial substances, only natural ingredients (cocoa, cane sugar, milk powder, fruits and spices). The essential characteristic of each chocolate bar consists in its unique unadulterated flavor of cacao bean variety which has been used for manufacturing it.

We are happy to offer our production for the real taste and quality connoisseurs!